10 Interesting Templates for Designing Your Joomla Website

If you’re in the market for the best Joomla template, you can stop looking for now.

First, there’s no such thing as “best” in the world of templates. There are favorites, practical, user-friendly, versatile, functional and flexible options. Templates are about what best suits your purposes. What you want in a template are all the aforementioned characteristics and features that help web designers and developers personalize websites without a lot of fuss on the front or back end.

Joomla web hosting is a popular content management system. There are potentially thousands of templates available. There are free and paid solutions. All the templates are definitely serviceable and each comes with a range of features. We’d highly suggest you get familiar with templates and themes by reviewing demo pages. You should also speak with developers and vendors about pre-purchase concerns.

To help with your research, we’ve compiled what we consider to be 10 interesting templates for designing your Joomla websites. It’s a great place to start.

1. Biznes

Flush with the latest features and modern flexibility, Biznes promises to give every business website a fresh and unique look. These templates are completely mobile-friendly, responsive and optimized. To minimize operations, Biznes is bundled with tons of preset home and web pages. Quix for Joomla allows simple creation of complex layouts. The Drop & Drag Builder lets you build anything. There are features for building an array of business portfolios to showcase projects and more.


If your specialty is education-focused websites, Academia creates visually stunning responsive educational resources. This Joomla template works for schools, colleges and language centers. It has all the flourishes for creating modern edge designs that result in contemporary and informative experiences for educators, administrators and students. It has an encapsulation tool for controlling wide spread out width, right to left language and off-canvas navigation support for mobile users.


In order to stand out in the legal industry and amid the competition, lawyers are on the prowl for websites that distinguish their brand while giving Internet users the assurance they need. This template solution adapts easily to personal devices. There are pages for creating unlimited opportunities to start projects immediately, including About Us, Services, Attorney Profile, FAQs and Price List. With a single click, change theme styles to any one of eight presets. While designed specifically for law firms, LawXpert can be easily adapted to other industries.


Next is a Joomla template for designing online magazines and news media. The UI allows for information to be read and followed through pleasant visuals and easy navigation. It’s bundled with a wealth of advertising options to maximize revenue potential. The Grid Slider will be useful for letting users move through the site and finding content. Mobile friendly, the template easily configures for personal devices, including phones and Kindle. The menu options manage inline subtext, images, icons, videos, column widths and more.


For the event organizer, Eventx has stunning graphics, tones and contrasts. It lets even the most inexperienced user quickly set up speaker lineups, profiles, event schedules and event galleries. You can create a countdown clock that ticks off the remaining time to a scheduled event. Eventx has a highly optimized code base. Use the Timeline feature to display events in graphical sequence and chronological order. Use the blog creator to communicate with attendees and promote the event with announcements.


For anyone interested in a unique and playful website experience, take a look at Zenith. Designed to be as entertaining as informative, Zenith is responsive, adaptive and fun. It has custom pages ready for Meet the Team, FAQ, Testimonial, Contact and other core topics. Create a responsive image gallery and interactive content presentations with beautiful tabbed design. Simplify navigation with the platform’s many menu options.


Boost is an e-commerce solution that offers elegance and vibrancy, giving products a touch of sophistication and simplicity. It comes with Parallex Slider for easy navigation, Xpert Gallery for displaying content in an eye-catching way, and preset switching that promises creative freedom during website development. It supports Virtuemart, meaning you can incorporate shopping cart animation, pricing and ratings into your store.

8.Cohesion Corporate

For the ambitious organization looking to incorporate its multi-purpose operations into a single site, Cohesion is the answer. It provides a simple introduction to a single unified body. Promising a consistent experience across tablets, desktops and cell phones, the platform has Mega Menu and Off-Canvas Menu, giving developers many options for managing everything from column widths to videos and images. Cohesion comes with many preset pages to help save money and time. Go straight to About Us or Our Service and punch in data.


Designed for chefs, restaurateurs and others on the food front, Spaghetti is an exceptional responsive Joomla template. It allows the easy construction of an e-commerce site built with modern tech like Joomla, HTML5, Bootstrap and Expose Framework, provides artistic presentation of key contents, showing them off through Unite Revolution Slider and reaches a broad range of foodies with a blog generated by K2 Blog. Spaghetti also allows for extensive customization, SEO friendly code basing and configurable presets.


When it comes to gaming, you want a solution that’s artistic, vibrant and challenging. These websites have to excite and be graphic-centric. Extreme is truly for the artist, crafting smart, visually impressive websites with customization. Extreme is also flexible, allowing the creation of an array of sites with great possibilities. Along with multiple preset styles to creating slideshows with FX, and horizontal or vertical scrolling article management, Extreme also arranges template block and widgets.

Of course, this list only entails a minuscule of Joomla templates, but we believe this is an interesting mix of themes for getting started.

Whether you want to give your websites a little more pizzazz or you’re looking for innovative web solutions to apply to Joomla web hosting, whether you’re developing a store or a news magazine, picking the right Joomla template is going to make a world of difference to both clients and users.