Choosing The Right Web Hosting Package

For most people, choosing a web host is a fairly simple and straight forward process. You Google “web hosting”, see who is cheapest and usually, that’s that. Far too many people don’t think about what they’re buying in terms of specifications, the package itself and the company they’re intending to use. For the most part, if you’re hosting a personal site or a low traffic site of sorts then to be honest, you don’t need to really care about which package you end up taking – any will do. But if you’re hosting something a little more meaty or you genuinely care about getting the most bang for you book then it’s important to know what you’re buying and ultimately who you’re buying it from. During this article we’ll give a brief run through on the various web hosting options out there along with the specifics on what each one should really be used for. We’ll also discuss things you should look out for so regardless of price and spec, you can be sure you’re getting a host which will meet your needs.

Things To Look Out For

Before getting into the specifics on what is actually on offer out there in the wide world of web hosting, we need to illustrate a few factors which are often overlooked when choosing a provider. After all, it’s not *just* about the price.

Uptime – This is a crucial factor and one which nobody ever really checks up on. After you’ve found a host, you need to check what their uptime percentages are like. Believe it or not, some of the biggest hosting companies out there have terrible reliability in comparison to smaller, privately owned web hosting companies. There are numerous tools out there to check up on historic uptime/downtime and various service outages.

Server Location – Again another mistake is choosing the cheap US web hosting companies with no consideration for where your site is going to be physically located and your audience derived from. If you’re a UK website, choose a UK web host, don’t go with a US web host to save a few pennies here and there. Your visitors will thank you for it as your site will be served lightning fast!

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews – Believe it or not, not all reviews you need on the Internet are fake! There are lots of great web hosting review sites such as TrustPilot where you can quickly see how well your chosen host performs for its real-world clients. Invaluable information and again if you’ve been considering a certain company, check the reviews first, you may think twice!

So with all that said, let’s get into the meat of it and see what packages people are offering and what they mean for you – the webmaster!

Shared Hosting

This is the cheapest of the cheap when it comes to web hosting and will serve pretty much all your web hosting needs providing you’re not running anything particularly high traffic. Be warned though that the server resources are indeed shared as the name suggests so if there are sites on the server owned by third parties using a large amount of resources this could inadvertently affect your site also.

Reseller Hosting

This was originally designed for people who wanted to resell web hosting to their clients. Think web design agencies etc. But since then it’s been frequently used by people who want to host several websites and manage each one centrally via a control panel such as Web Host Manager. Reseller hosting can be fairly expensive so it might be best to consider a VPS/Cloud Solution for a fraction of the price but more control, performance and reliability.

Dedicated Servers

This is intended for those who want full complete control and those who are hosting websites with a serious amount of traffic. It’s your own piece of computer hardware which has the sole job of serving your website(s). With the advent of cloud solutions allowing ultimately unlimited resources for a small percentage of the host of a dedicated server they’ve effectively become a thing of the past unless your website solution specifically requires it.

VPS / Cloud Solutions

VPS (virtual private servers) and cloud solutions are most definitely at the forefront of web hosting these days. You can use them to host small websites, huge websites, hundreds of websites and everything and anything in between! Due to the architecture of “the cloud” you can pool the resources of all connected nodes(web servers) in the cloud and utilise them for your own needs.

So there you have it, hopefully this article will teach you a few more things to consider as opposed to just the price and you should now hopefully know what package fits your requirements! Happy hosting!