Go To InkyDeals For Design Niche Deals

Are you a designer who designs stuff like images for websites, book covers, greeting cards, etc.? Then you need to have a vast library of designer tools. You need to have textures, buttons, some WordPress templates, some ribbons for logos, and other such things.

It has two main advantages.

One – Of course a carpenter is only as good as his tools. The more and diverse tools you have the better job will you do.

Two – When a client approaches you to get a design made but is unable to tell you precisely what he wants, and trust me many don’t know what they want, you can show him different custom shapes and sizes which will give him a better idea.

InkyDeals is an online resource which brings you daily deals for designer products at both very discounted price and some even for free.

It is the place where creative professionals can get quality design products. They are headquartered in Bucharest, Romania and publish new deals on a daily basis.

One of their free gift bundles caught our attention. They are giving away 471 premium design resources for free.

Below we mention some of the resources included in this bundle.

Business and e-commerce icons set from DesignModo


This is a pack of icons related to e-commerce websites i.e. sites which work as online stores.

The popularity of sites like Amazon and eBay is witness to the fact that one can make millions by running online stores. But in order to run an online store you need a lot of things and quality icons are one small yet important part of your design.

Why will you want to use old fashioned, boring text links when you can achieve those call to actions through good looking icons?

Briefcase WordPress theme from Rockable Themes


WordPress has become such a popular tool for blogging that it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the words “WordPress” and “blogging” have become synonyms of each other.

If you are serious about your blogging efforts you should use WordPress and this Briefcase WordPress theme from Rockable will help you get a quality website up and running within no time.

Intent PSD website template from best PSD freebies


This is a PSD template i.e. a Photoshop based template. This means it is not a traditional kind of programmed, pre-designed theme. It needs a developer to convert it into browser readable code.

The advantage of using a PSD template first and then converting it into code is that it lets your client have a website exactly how he wants with a pixel by pixel accuracy.

You see it is slightly difficult to make changes to a template when it has been coded. But if you have the picture of a template in Photoshop and a client wishes to make some alterations to it, it is comparatively easier to get things done.

Also since different elements are layered it is easy for the designer to tweak the overall design.  Go and take a look at the website and let me know what you think in the comments below.