Show Your Creative Side with 3D Printing

3D printing has many applications, as time has gone on and the technology has become more popular people are continuing to come up with ever more interesting uses for it.

Among its most exciting uses is its capacity for artistic expression. From sculptures to street art 3D printing can allow the artist to express themselves creatively without having to undertake the time consuming tasks involved with painting or making a sculpture.

3D printing also allows the artist to mass produce work on a scale that wouldn’t have been possible previously. Some people may see this as a bad thing, since it facilitates the commercialization of art, while others might see it as a means by which art can be shared with more and more people.

Like it or hate it, 3D printing can now make designs easily accessible to anyone.

Making art accessible

3D printing has also been used to restore ancient and valuable pieces of art across the world. The 800 year-old statue of the Thousand Hands Goddess in China was deemed so valuable and complex that restorers refused to touch it. 3D printing was used to reproduce the statue to scale, allowing the experts to study it in more detail and gain the confidence to go about its restoration.

3D printing also makes producing art more accessible to everyone. It makes it possible to create something by letting our minds do the work and not relying on our physical ability to mold a piece of stone or carve out a piece of wood. You will need an understanding of the equipment you’re using and the software that accompanies it to be successful though.

Design it with CAD

Designing art for 3D sculptures requires some knowledge of 3D CAD design. Thanks to an influx of easy-to-use software, 3D modelling isn’t just for engineers toiling endlessly on CAD programs anymore. New CAD products are designed with ordinary people in mind which allows you to quickly and easily turn your ideas into works of art through 3D printing.

3D CAD programmes are helpful tools as they can help an artist visualize objects in three dimensions. They have a range of features like intelligent sketching and drawing creation which make the design process a straightforward endeavor and allow you to perfect the design before producing it.

Once you have the model created, 3D printing is a simple process. You will of course need to have the right materials which can be ordered online and from there you simply transfer the file and the 3D printer does all the hard work. Producing beautiful pieces of art has never been easier.