Top Drupal Tools to Power up Your Business Website

Drupal has a learning curve, however, it is one of the most impressive content management services for businesses. It is open sourced, adaptable and free. It has no strikes against it other than its learning curve. Between the adaptability, and the fact that is free, many businesses are opting to go with Drupal hosting. Drupal also has tools to help power a business. Here are eight modules available to make life easier when choosing Drupal to host a business website.

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll is something Internet users are starting to see on a growing number of websites, which is being implemented by a number of hosts. Drupal hosting is now offering a module for its users to get rid of page numbers and harness the power and evolution of the Infinite Scroll module. At the bottom of an activity stream for a business website, there will be new items loaded to browse instead of having to go to another page. The module uses the jQuery auto-pager plugin, which allows the site to begin using the function. The module allows the site owner to offer the option to load more items or load the items automatically.

Secure Login

The Secure Login module for Drupul users primarily running their businesses online or for users with physical businesses is offering a needed a blanket of protection. Drupal users running business online will probably find it more useful though. It allows users to safely send data over the Internet and greatly increase their security against hackers. The module uses https to send and receive encrypted data like passwords and forms used to complete orders containing credit card information. It also helps to curb session hijacking by forcing cookies to be sent safely.

OpenLucius Inline Images

This module is going to be very useful to online and offline business deciding to host a website on Drupal. It allows OpenLucius to attach images to text. The image itself is well protected. The Drupal Grants System is an image manager held in high regard and respected.


Visitors to a Drupal user’s business site will be as appreciative as the site master with this module. It will help keep the visitors of the site informed about any changes in comments or the article itself. It allows people perusing the site to follow comments and nodes with having to post anything themselves. This will keep visitors coming back to check out changes and reviews to products. Here is a list of some important features:

  • There are configurable email templates.
  • Anonymous and registered visitors can use it.
  • Email notifications can be set per node.
  • Visitors get an overview of everything they are monitoring.


Markdown is brand new. For many users opting with Drupal, Markdown is a valuable too when it comes to producing content for a site. The WYSIWYG editor can be complicated and quite arduous to deal with if a Drupal user wanted to write and format text fast and simple. Markdown is the answer to the problem. Since Drupal has upgraded, it is nice to know Markdown is available and works seamlessly with Drupal 8.

Isotope With Masonry

This module is especially useful because it can be combined and used with Drupal Views. Rudimentary selections of content from Isotope can be aligned with Drupal Views, and it is not necessary to integrate the Drupal System with Javascript. Drupal Views is not necessarily needed because it can be used in theme features. This is what makes Isotope so unique and useful. It integrates with so many useful things, however, it does not depend on any one thing to function. It is useful on its own, and it can be enhanced with other modules and be enhanced by other modules. It truly is one of the more flexible modules to come along.

Simple Hierarchical Select

The Simple Hierarchical Select module is the next step in evolution for widgets, especially for taxonomy fields. Taxonomy fields are able to select a word by perusing the vocabulary hierarchy. It also sifts through the hierarchy of vocabularies to define and select a new form of widget for taxonomy fields. It is available as a Views exposed filter and in various node forms. It was modeled after Hierarchical Select, but since it is much simpler to use, it was given the appropriate name. Also, it works as a view exposed filter. Finally, the main difference between Simple Hierarchical Select and Hierarchical Select, the simpler version offers a basic widget only for taxonomy terms. Additionally, the simple version works as an exposed filter. It does have the following dependency and need for better performance:

  • A taxonomy module is mandatory to use Simple.
  • The high-performance JavaScript callback handler can improve performance by speeding up the load time incredibly.

Restrict Password Change

Drupal users have the right to add or remove other users. Business owners may see fit to add another employee. They may also see fit to remove employees. There may come a time in business when changing the passwords of users is necessary. A business owner should know the passwords of all employees and be able to lock them out at will, especially in times of uncertainty, and Restrict Password Change give the administrator all of the power. It is common sense and a matter of security.

Drupal hosting has a lot to offer, and these modules will be of great assistance to Drupal users with a business. These are only eight of hundreds of modules geared toward organizing, promoting and structuring business presence online. Many of these modules will also work well with one another. Drupal is changing the way the content management services mold and promote businesses. With free content management services, a growing number features, dedication to module perfection and useful modules being developed all the time, Drupal may be the content management service businesses turn to for a makeover in the virtual world.