10 Ways to Improve your Business’ Online Presence

It’s become incredibly hard to stand out from the crowd with the vast number of competing websites that are online. In order to make sure your business is seen, you need to improve your online presence. Appearing in front of your target audience in the right channels and at the right time can make all the difference for your business. There are many ways to go about building an online presence. Here are 10 of the best strategies you can use.

1. Build a SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization (SEO) is still one of the best strategies for building a strong online presence. Users rely on the top results of the search results to determine which sites are relevant and credible. While SEO is very competitive and challenging, scaling up by targeting less competitive keywords and creating high quality content will go a long way into building a successful SEO campaign. Once you get some traction with your campaign, you can eventually start to target more competitive keywords for increased visibility.

2. Use Retargeting Campaigns

Consumers hardly buy the first time around but getting that second or third chance to make an impression is almost impossible online. Fortunately, retargeting advertising allows you to display your ads to your web visitors as they browse the web. Both Google and Facebook offer retargeting advertising programs, so you can continue to target your visitors with different offers, messages and promotions to try to get them to come back to your website. Google’s program works across sites that are running Adsense ads and Facebook’s program works within the Facebook site.

3. Launch a Content Marketing Campaign

Quality content is another great way to build an online presence. Creating content that is relevant and valuable to your audience makes it shareworthy. A strong piece of content can end up going viral and result in thousands of visitors to your site. To increase the chances of it getting shared, make sure you set up social sharing links to facilitate the process. To add to that, many blogs and authority sites are also looking for great content to publish to their readers. Search for blogs and sites that are accepting guest writing positions so that you can get some exposure for your brand and website.

4. Build a Social Media Following

What’s great about social media is that it is a platform that lets you leverage your followers to get more exposure. By publishing content to your followers, engaging in conversations and curating great content, they’ll like and share your posts to their social network which will further increase exposure on the social media sites. The only challenge with social media is that it can take some time to build a following. However, you can increase the rate of follower growth by consistently sharing or publishing quality content.

5. Create Press Releases

Creating and distributing press releases is a surefire way to get exposure and build presence. Press releases get distributed to news outlets, magazines, radios, search engines and news sites. Getting your press release seen by the right person can lead to radio, TV or magazine segments where you are instantly exposed to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. There are many sites you can use to create and distribute press releases such as PR web, PR.com and PR News Wire. These sites charge fairly affordable fees for basic services, making PR a viable strategy for any business.

6. Get Involved with Influencer Marketing

Influencers are individuals that have a large following online. By reaching out to popular bloggers and social media personalities, you can get the word about your products, services and brand very quickly. Many influencers are looking for companies to work with to monetize their large audiences. The best way to get influencers to promote you is to offer a revenue share deal where they earn a percentage of the total sales or pay them a flat fee to promote your product. You just have to make sure that your products and services are targeted for their audience.

7. Build a Community Around a Blog or Forum

Building an online community can be a great way to build your brand and establish a strong online presence. You can do this by building a blog or forum (or both) for your target audience. If possible, you want to unite members of your audience under a strong idea that they can resonate with. This will serve to attract the right people to your community. You can grow your community by backing it up with great content, being accessible, interacting with your audience, fostering conversations and offering outstanding support.

8. Astonish with Outstanding User Experience

Online users have no patience for poor user experiences. The last thing you want to do is to have them wait for your website to load. If your loading time problem is caused by poor design and coding choices, you need to work on fixing the issues by optimizing image sizes, using CSS, allowing for compression and enabling browser caching. If the problem is caused by the hosting provider, you can easily transfer a website to a better provider without much difficulty.

You don’t have to transfer a website if the problem is due to your site being media heavy. Cloud hosting solutions can resolve this issue as it utilizes multiple servers to deliver data. With that said, you need to work on other aspects of UX design as well. People revisit sites that provide great experiences, so your UX design will serve as a pillar for building a strong online presence.

9. Interact with Your Audience and Manage Your Brand Reputation

In order to improve your online presence, you need to be accessible to your audience. Try to respond to feedback and support requests in social media. Take part in conversations about popular industry news stories. Engage with popular influencers to get your name out there. You also want to manage your brand reputation so that you can reach out to people that have mentioned you on social media and offer support to your brand ambassadors.

10. Run an Email Newsletter

Believe it or not, email is still a viable marketing channel. Many people still pay attention to emails from businesses they trust. Publishing an email newsletter on a regular basis is a great way to engage your audience and build a reputation. Early to Rise is a perfect example of a company that was built primarily through an email newsletter. They consistently put out high quality newsletters and word eventually got around about their company. Today, the company is worth millions of dollars.

Those are 10 solid ways to improve your business’ online presence. Obviously, not all of these strategies will be applicable to you. You want to start with one that fits your business model the best, then start to incorporate the other strategies as you see results from your initial marketing and brand efforts.