Webydo – Let Your Web Design Be Code Free

Manually writing code often sends shivers down the spine. As a designer, on most occasions you’re at the mercy of the developers to deliver a project. But this is all  being turned around by the website creating platform specifically for designers, Webydo. Currently catering to more than 25K designers, Webydo is the professional website creator specially catering to professional designers in the market. It has been established that 70% of the typical expenditure on web design projects goes straight to development. Imagine if you could build a site without having to worry about coding it? It ensures creative freedom and at the same time substantial cost cutting. More importantly it allows you to serve clients on your own without the middle man.

The problem with most B2C DIY tools is that they are meant for amateurs and they don’t deliver a professional output.  To put it in perspective, just 3% of the websites are made using these DIY tools. Of these, only 1-3% ends up live. Can you then depend on website builders to serve your customers? Yes, that’s where the website builder, Webydo is already changing the game


Why Webydo?

To start with Webydo is different from any other website builder that you might have come across so far because of high quality of features specifically geared towards professional designers. The design platform is similar to Photoshop or Indesign so web designers will immediately feel at home when they have to design a website their clients. Webydo offers a code-free design management system and a robust content management system, allowing you to work on multiple websites at the same time and deliver high quality output to your clients. Let us take a look an up-close and personal look at some of Webydo’s premium features.

Design Management System

This is one of the standout features of Webydo as the DMS offers you unlimited scope for customization and achieving pixel perfect accuracy. It comes with an easy to use drag-and-drop editor allowing you to insert, alter and resize any visual element of your design. You won’t have to write a line of code to achieve it either. The Design Management System is fully powered and a patent-submitted code-generator developed exclusively for this platform.

User Friendly CMS

The easy to use content management system separates it from any other CMS that comes along with a similar tool. It encompasses the WISIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing principle making content editing a walk in the park. Thus, your clients will be able to post and edit content on the website without messing up the design elements.

Robust SEO

The inbuilt search engine optimization tool also allows you to optimize the page titles, description and keywords.  Along with this you’ll be able to customize advanced SEO features from the SEO toolbox. You can also attract search engine crawlers and rank high on the result pages. Apart from this you easily be able to integrate Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools from the dashboard giving you more control over the performance of the website.

Easy Hosting Solution

With Webydo you won’t need to contact any hosting service provider. It simplifies the entire process of independent publishing and allows you to publish the site on its sub-domain or a custom domain of your choice. Your website will be hosted on a powerful cloud network that is monitored on a 24/7 basis. Along with the hosting solution it also offers you other services such as enterprise-level database security, content delivery networks, worldwide server network and automatic backups.

Community Solution

It isn’t another site development tool but a large community of designers. Webydo’s Participate page grants you access to the designers community, where you can vote or suggest on new features to be incorporated.

As a designer, Webydo is one of the best things to have hit the industry. It allows you to completely focus on the design and visual aesthetics of the websites and not worry about the coding. The website creator is capable of turning your design into a fully functional website. It saves time and helps cater to the exact needs of your clients. Plus, it’s really fun to use.