5 Steps to Choosing the Best Website Platform

Nowadays, every business needs a website. This is because a lot of consumer purchases today are done online. In fact, some businesses operate through their websites only even without their offices. This is how important a website is for a business. Everybody should know how to create a website.

To have a website, you have to buy a domain name for your business. The next step is to choose a website platform where you can build and host your website. However, such step is not an easy task. There are a lot of website platforms out there but not all of them are good for serious entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, here are five steps you should follow in choosing the best website platform:

1. Find the One That Has a Name

Looking for a website platform that has a name means the one that is popular and is trusted by many. Ask your friends or do your own research to find out the one that has good reviews and is recommended by many website owners. Usually, a website platform that is recommended by many is the one that has proven to provide traffic. This is possible when the platform let’s you build a professional and functional website that your customers can visit conveniently.

It is not wrong to try a new website platform that is yet to build its own name. However, the risk of doing so is when such platform has little or no capability of providing enough security for your website against hacking. Furthermore, you don’t know whether or not some technical issues can easily be solved by the said platform. Therefore, it is still safe to begin with the one that is proven and tested by many. Try to research on big websites and find out the platform they are using so you can have a better idea.

2. Find the One that Gives You Freedom to Design your Site

Designing your website on your own can be done through content management system or CMS. Some platforms are CMS only. Other platforms just include CMS functionality. Whatever it is, it is important that you have a freedom to manage your site’s content. Some website builders just offer their full service and promise their clients that they will do the rest for them. This is not a good platform to begin with as you are locked within what such company can do for you.

Your website is your business, so it is not right to let others decide for your business. It is alright to have a specialist that will provide you with professional advice, but never give your freedom to others when it comes to managing and designing your website. You don’t have to be an expert to do so, but you will learn a lot in the process. As you learn, you will find out more things that will benefit your website.

3. Find the One that is SEO-Friendly

There is no standard measurement as to SEO friendliness of a website platform. There is even no rule that a platform has a significant factor ranking in SERP. However, some platforms cam mess up with your SEO effort. Let’s say you need to control what pages to be indexed and not to be indexed in order to prevent a penalty from Google. The problem with other platforms is that you have less control over what to be indexed or not.

There are even some platforms that simply block your website from a search engine unless you upgrade to their premium account. This is the worst platform you may end up with if you are not aware of the SEO friendliness of every platform you are considering. Choose the one that offers a lot of SEO tools to help you in optimizing your site. Your business is to get visitors for your website, so a platform that is SEO-friendly is the best one to begin with.

4. Find the One that Offers a lot of Useful Plugins

Building a website is not an easy task. For beginners, HTML or CSS coding can be intimidating. But if you are building your website with the help of useful plugins, you will have a lot of short cuts. Most plugins are designed to help website owners skip that task of coding. Instead, the plugins will do such a job and bring the same results instantly. Without any plugin, everything you need to do for your website must be done through coding.

Moreover, plugins get something done very quickly. It means you can immediately see the result so you can determine whether you need to improve it or not. Furthermore, a platform that offers a lot of plugins means it offers a lot of features you put on your site. There are plugins you can use to add e-commerce functionality with ease. There also plugins you can use to manage your subscribers, and more. A platform that has a lot of plugins is a smart platform, and this is not hard to find.

5. Find the One that is Budget-Friendly

A platform that is budget-friendly means you have a lot of options for whatever budget you have. Some platforms will only limit you for a certain number of membership grades. Do not be tempted to grab the highest or premium grade. Begin with the smallest possible. It is because your website at first needs traffic. Don’t pay for a bigger traffic space if you have such an amount of traffic yet. There is also no need to subscribe to larger storage package if you are still building your website.

This means that you should choose a platform that is limiting you to specific packages. You can find the one that lets you begin with what little capability you have according to the status of your website.


Looking for the best website platform is the key. When you are able to find the best one according to the above considerations, how to create a website will never be an issue as everything will become easy.